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Construction equipment articles

Narrative case studies showing how a specific product

worked in a complex construction project:


No vibrations are good vibrations in Des Moines. Specialized equipment helps contractor complete work on a sensitive site. Hammer & Steel


Marquette interchange: A phoenix from the rubble making history in Milwaukee. Supplier helps joint partnership complete massive project. Hammer & Steel


Soldier Field renovation on tight schedule. Reliable equipment helps contractors meet tight deadlines on stadium project. Hammer & Steel


ABI Mobilrams: The right choice for winter work in Alaska. Selecting equipment to withstand tight tolerances and frigid conditions. Hammer & Steel


The Cost-Effective Swiss Army Knife of Road Rehabilitation. Ohio County uses multi-purpose head and cuts costs. Columbus Equipment Company


Product and customer profiles

Pullins Drainage Pioneers Use of Komatsu Equipment in Grading Waterways. Erosion control drains are "perfect every time."  Columbus Equipment Company
Burton Scot Contractors Speeds Work and Saves Materials with iMC. Ohio contractor completes $10 million fast-track job early with the right equipment. Columbus Equipment Company
Crusher Earns an A for Bowling Green State University Project.  Entire dorm building crushed into pieces smaller than 2 inches. Columbus Equipment Company
Operators Union Likes Link-Belt 298 for Apprentice Training. Safety features and versatility are important. Columbus Equipment Company
Milton Concrete: Intelligent Equipment, Dedicated Employees.  With no over-digging, substantial savings on material are another benefit of iMC equipment. Columbus Equipment Company


Platform Contracting: iMC Technology Drives Capabilities and Growth. Contractors use integrated machine control to grow from small concrete contractor to major site development company. Columbus Equipment Company


Anderzack-Pitzen Construction's Graded Stakes Race: iMC Dominates the Field. Columbus Equipment Company


North Suburban Tree Counts on Dependable CMI Equipment in Tough Environments.  Columbus Equipment Company


Customer education articles (interviews with SMEs)



How to Best Handle Diesel Emission Fluid. Columbus Equipment Company


Komtrax 4.0 Is the Trick to Tracking Tier 4 Standards. Columbus Equipment Company


iMC Operator Tips. Columbus Equipment Company



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