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I can help you reach and convert customers

Useful marketing content that attracts buyers

I’m a freelance business, personal finance, and marketing content writer with B2B and B2C experience in fields including personal finance, retail, construction equipment, real estate and home improvement. I create content that will inform and educate your customers, showcase your company’s expertise, and help you convert lookers into buyers.

Experience counts

Laptop computer of personal finance writer

Before becoming a freelance business writer, I was a professional journalist, starting out at a small newspaper and working my way up to assistant business editor at The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Newspaper work was the perfect training for a marketing content writer because it taught me how to:

  • Research a subject thoroughly and get up to speed quickly.

  • Talk to subject-matter experts and translate what they say into something everyday people can understand.

  • Write highly readable, actionable, easy-to-understand copy.

  • Find new ways of approaching topics to make them fresh and interesting.

  • Meet deadlines, even really tight deadlines.


I spent part of my newspaper career as an editor, and that internal editor is always at work, making sure my grammar, spelling and punctuation are perfect. You can let your internal editor relax, because your freelance writer has it covered.

Let’s talk about your content marketing needs and how I can help you reach more customers.

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